We understand that when you think of signing up to something like a white collar boxing event that you may have some questions. Here you can find all of the most frequently asked questions.


If you still have a question for us feel free to contact us.





    What training will be involved?


White Collar Boxing Wales has teamed up with coaches to provide you the highest standard of coaching leading up to your event. The coaches will take you through an 8 week training camp that will put you through your paces. It's a hard 8 weeks but will make you the fittest you have ever been.


All White Collar Boxing Wales fighters will be required to attend two training sessions a week for 8 weeks. Training sessions normally take part on a weekday, however sometimes we may put extra sessions on a weekend.


    Do I need to buy any kit?


Everything in regard to what you need to buy will be explained to you at your introduction meeting, the week before your training starts. However, if you want to be ahead of the game you will need hand wraps, a gumshield and 16oz gloves for training. For fight night you will also need, fight shorts and a groing guard.


You can purchase any of the above from our online store.


    What is expected of me as a participant?


To earn your 8 weeks free training we expect you to:


Give 100% at all sessions

Attend a minimum of 50% of training

Promote your fight on your social media channels

Pledge to raise a minimum of £50 for Mind - Mental Health Charity

Sell a minimum of 15 tickets to your event. (Can be VIP or General Admission)


How will I be matched with my opponent?


You will train for 8 weeks with all other participants. As part of your training youw will be split into weight catagories and take part in some light sparring. This will allow us to assess all boxers on ability and ensure to we make as many fair match ups as possible.


These match ups will then be announced at your very own professionally run match up night on the week leading up to your event.


If you have any further questions please contact us.





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